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E-A7 System Update Ver.1.06 1.06


  1. Nhạc Cụ Phú Thọ
    [ Ver.1.06 ]
    Style / Tone additions
    • Style and Tone items were added.
      Style Number : 415-441, 470-509 added
      Tone Number : 1517-1527, 1662-1667 added

      * Along with the added Style and Tone items, the Style Number and Tone Number values of items subsequent to the additions have also changed, but there is no change in PC, LSB, and MSB values.
      ※Please refer to the "Vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để nhìn thấy link" for detailed information in the [ Owner's Manuals ].

    Additional Function
    • Selecting whether LWR parts are played during INTRO and ENDING is now possible.
      In keeping with this, Lwr w/ Intro ON/OFF was added in the Global parameters.

    Bug Fixes
    The following bugs were fixed.
    • Pressing Value [-] or [+] while the cursor was at End of Track on the Micro Edit screen resulted in a freeze.
    • In the [SMF Mark & Jump] parameter value display, '0' was displayed instead of 'OFF'.
    • Execution of Insert for Track Edit sometimes failed to finish.
    • When overwriting a User Program, a User Program other than the one selected was sometimes overwritten.
      This problem occurred when overwriting a User Program was executed after switching the User Program while [Lock] was on (when Style was set to ON by [User Lock Program Setting]).
    • Pressing a TONE category button during Phrase Rec standby sometimes resulted in display of the message [Can not change. Track is not empty.].

    Change in Operation
    • The operating conditions were changed for From when using Global Change in Style Composer's Track Edit to change CC00, CC32, or PC.
      Before the change: Change to the value specified by To, with separate independent determination of CC00, CC32, and PC
      After the change: Change to the value specified by To only as long as all conditions for CC00, CC32, and PC hold true
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